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Aala A. Abulfaraj

PhD Student 

Research Group: Prof. Heribert Hirt

Selected Publications

  • Abulfaraj, A. A., N. Billington, S. Bethala, and J. Gaston.  2011.  Use of allozyme markers to detect genetic heterogeneity in sauger populations.  Southeastern Biology 58: 271

  • Abulfaraj, A. A., S. Bethala, J. Gaston, and N. Billington. 2011. Use of allozyme markers to detect genetic variation in walleye populations. Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science 82: 78

Education Profile

  • August 2013- Present  PhD student in the Center for Desert Agriculture, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

  • July 2011  Master degree from The Biological & Environmental Sciences Department-Molecular Biology, College of Arts and Sciences, Troy University, Troy-Alabama, USA

  • June 2003  Bachelor degree from Biochemistry department, Faculty of Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Professional Profile

  • 2010 –present  Lecturer as a teaching faculty in the Biological Sciences Department at King Abdulaziz University- Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia

  • 2010 - 2011 Add junk faculty member from Graduate students and Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Biology department of Troy university-Teaching an Immunology lab for undergraduate students -Troy, Alabama, USA

  • Aug 2005 - June 2008  Working as a lab technician in the Pathology Department for fifteen month and Working as a lab technician in the Clinical Biochemistry Department for eighteen month: King Abdulaziz University- Facility of Medicine - Jeddah

  • Aug 2003 – Sep 2005   Dallah Healthcare Holding Co. - Working at the clinic lab of Dallah main clinic as a Lab Specialist, Jeddah