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Alaguraj Veluchamy

Post Doctoral Fellow

Research Group: Moussa Benhamed​​​ 

Research Interests

Epigenetics, Marine ecology, Comparative genomics, Next-generation sequence analysis

Selected Publications

  • Sujitha M, Alaguraj.V..et al (2014).  Scale for Constructive Aggregation (Journal of PROTEINS AND PROTEOMICS. Vol5.No.1.
  • Veluchamy et al (2013). Insights into the Role of Methylation in Diatoms by Genome-Wide Profiling inPhaeodactylum tricornutum. (Nature Communications 4, June 2013, Article number: 2091.
  • Karsenti et.al. TARA consortium. (2011). A Holistic Approach to Marine Ecosystems Biology. The Tara Oceans Consortium. PLoS Biology . Volume 9 . Issue 10. e1001177.
  • Veluchamy A et al. (2009). HNHDb: A database on pattern based classification of HNH domains reveals functional relevance of sequence patterns and domain associations. BIOINFORMATION . VOL.4, ISSUE 2.
  • Srividhya.K.V, Alaguraj V.. et al. (2007). Identification of prophages in bacterial sequences by Modified Dinucleotide Relative Abundance approach. PLoS ONE 2(11): e1193
  • Biosuite consortium. (2007). BioSuite: A comprehensive bioinformatics software package (A unique industry– academia collaboration).CURRENT SCIENCE , VOL. 92, Issue 1.

Education Profile

  • May 2004 – September 2009: PhD student in Computational Biology, Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics, Madurai Kamaraj Unversity, Madurai.

  • March 2008 – Dec 2008: Sandwich PhD programme, Interactions cellulaires et moléculaires, Université de Rennes 1, France.

  • April 2001 – April 2003: Master of science (Biochemistry), University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.

Professional Profile

  • Sept 2014 – till date: Post Doctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics at CDA, KAUST, Jeddah

  • May 2010 – Aug 2014: Post Doctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics at Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS), Paris.