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Ashwag Shami

​Post Doctoral Fellow
Research Group: Magdy Mahfouz

Research Interests

My research interests lie in functional and comparative genomics. My research has encompassed many aspects of microbial genomics & infectious disease ranging from determining the role of mobile genetics elements in the emergence of multidrug resistance bacteria, as well as understanding the genetics makeup of the pathogenic microbes using whole genome sequencing and the manipulation of their genome using genome-editing technics. I favor interdisciplinary approaches to biological questions and have incorporated clinical microbiology as well as genetics and bioinformatics approaches in my research. 

Selected Publications

  • The Role of Mobile Genetic Elements in the Emergence of Superbugs.  A. Shami, Journal of Advances in Natural and Applied Science (ANAS), ISSN: 1995-0772,(2017).
  • Draft genomes of vancomycin-resistant isolates of animal Enterococcus faecium, A. Shami, Journal of International Journal of Current Research (IJCR), ISSN: 0975-833X, (2016).
  • Comparative Genomics of Enterococcus faecium Bacteriophages.A. Shami, M. Horsburgh, C. Alistair, Journal of American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences  (ASRJETS), ISSN (Print) 2313-4410, ISSN (Online) 2313-4402, (2016).​

Education Profile

  • ​Bachelor's Degree in zoology, 2003-2007 King Abdul Aziz university
  • Master degree (MSc) in Functional and Comparative Genomics at health faculty and life science, 2009-2010 Liverpool University, UK
  • PhD in Functional and Comparative Genomics at health faculty and life science, 2010-2014 Liverpool University, UK​

Professional Profile

  • ​Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • Assistant professor at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ​

Scientific and Professional Memberships

​Saudi Society for Applied Sciences