Elodie Rey

Post Doctoral Fellow
Research Group: Mark Tester

Selected Publications

  • ​Genomics of Wild Relatives and Alien Introgressions. Rey, E., Molnár, I., and Doležel, J. (2015). In Alien Introgression in Wheat: Cytogenetics, Molecular Biology, and Genomics, M. Molnár-Láng, C. Ceoloni, and J. Doležel, eds. (Cham: Springer International Publishing), pp. 347–381. 
  • Exploiting the Repetitive Fraction of the Wheat Genome for High-Throughput Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Discovery and Genotyping. Cubizolles, N., Rey, E., Choulet, F., Rimbert, H., Laugier, C., Balfourier, F., Bordes, J., Poncet, C., Jack, P., James, C., et al. (2016). Plant Genome 9. 
  • Orthology Guided Transcriptome Assembly of Italian Ryegrass and Meadow Fescue for Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism Discovery. Stoces, S., Ruttink, T., Bartos, J., Studer, B., Yates, S., Zwierzykowski, Z., Abrouk, M., Roldan-Ruiz, I., Ksiazczyk, T., Rey, E., Dolezel, J., and Kopecky, D. (2016). The plant genome 9. 
  • The in-silico identification and characterization of a bread wheat/Triticum militinae introgression line. Abrouk, M., Balcarkova, B., Simkova, H., Kominkova, E., Martis, M.M., Jakobson, I., Timofejeva, L., Rey, E., Vrana, J., Kilian, A., Jarve, K., Dolezel, J., and Valarik, M. (2016). Plant Biotechnol J.​

Education Profile

  • Master Degree in Plant Biotechnologies, University Paul-Sabatier, Toulouse, France, 2011 

Professional Profile

  • 2013-Present: Ph.D. student in Molecular and Cell Biology, IEB, Center of Plant Structural and Functional Genomics, Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • 2012: Engineer in Technology development, INRA, Genetics, Diversity & Ecophysiology of Cereals, Clermont-Ferrand, France


  • ​2015-2016: EMBO short-term fellowship (Award ASTF 485 – 2015)​ ​