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Feras F. Lafi

Research Scientist

Research Group: Heribert Hirt

Research Interests

  • Plant-Microbe Interactions Ecology of microbes in sediment.
  • Unusual microbial taxa in the tree of life (Planctomycetes).

Selected Publications

  • Lee O. O., Wang Y, Tian R, Zhang W, Shek CS, Bougouffa S, Al-Suwailem A, Batang ZB, Xu W, Wang GC, Zhang X, Lafi FF, Bajic VB, Qian PY (2014) In situ environment rather than substrate type dictates microbial community structure of biofilms in a cold seep system. Sci Rep 4: 3587.

  • Lee, O. O., Y. Wang, J. Yang, F. F. Lafi, A. Al-Suwailem and P. Y. Qian (2010). "Pyrosequencing reveals highly diverse and species-specific microbial communities in sponges from the Red Sea." ISME J.

  • Qian, P. Y., Y. Wang, O. O. Lee, S. C. Lau, J. Yang, F. F. Lafi, A. Al-Suwailem and T. Y. Wong (2010). "Vertical stratification of microbial communities in the Red Sea revealed by 16S rDNA pyrosequencing." ISME J.

  • Lafi, F. F., A. J. Fuerst, L. Fieseler, C. Engels, W. W. L. Goh and U. Hentschel (2009). "Widespread distribution of poribacteria in Demospongiae." Appl Environ Microbiol Vol. 75(17): 5695-5699.

  • Lafi, F. F., M. J. Garson and J. A. Fuerst (2005). "Culturable bacterial symbionts isolated from two distinct sponge species (Pseudoceratina clavata and Rhabdastrella globostellata) from the Great Barrier Reef display similar phylogenetic diversity." Microbial Ecology 50(2): 213-220.

Education Profile

  • 2007 Doctor of Philosophy, School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, University of Queensland, Australia.
  • 2001 Master of Applied Life Sciences, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
  • 1999 B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Sciences, Al Ahlyyia Amman University, Jordan.

Professional Profile