Desert Agriculture Initiative
  • Boosting immunity

    Boosting immunity in the fight against bacteria
  • Salim Al-Babili

    Professor Salim Al-Babili receives Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant
  • The Al-Babili Lab

    A metabolic compound that regulates growth of rice plants and limits witchweed infestation could boost crop yields.
  • Award for Pro. Mark Tester

    Professor Mark Tester receives award for agricultural innovation
  • The Salt Lab

    Stressing the genetics in salt-tolerant crops
  • CDA Research Laboratory

    A state-of-the-art laboratory facility includes walk-in plant growth chambers and reach-in growth cabinets
  • KAUST Research Greenhouse

    A climate-controlled research space of 1600 sq m has 18 separate rooms for growing experimental plants
  • The Beacon tower at KAUST

    The sun sets over the Red Sea behind the Beacon