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Lukas Synek

Post Doctoral Fellow

Research Group: Heribert Hirt​

Research Interests

I am interested in cellular processes in plant cells, namely secretion, trafficking, signaling pathways and polar growth, which underlie plant development. I use a wide range of methods with a special focus on fluorescence microscopy.

Selected Publications

  • Plant cytokinesis is orchestrated by the sequential action of the TRAPPII and exocyst tethering complexes. K. Rybak, A. Steiner, L. Synek, S. Klaeger, I. Kulich, E. Facher, G. Wanner, B. Kuster, V. Zarsky, S. Persson, F.F.  Assaad. Developmental Cell, 29, 607-620, (2014).
  • Dissecting a Hidden Gene Duplication: the Arabidopsis thaliana SEC10 Locus. Vukašinović N., Cvrčková F., Eliáš M., Cole R., Fowler J.E., Žárský V., Synek L. PLoS ONE, 9, e94077, (2014).
  • The exocyst at the interface between cytoskeleton and membranes in eukaryotic cells. Synek L., Sekereš J., Žárský V. Frontiers in Plant Science, 4, 543, (2014).
  • The exocyst complex contributes to PIN auxin efflux carrier recycling and polar auxin transport in Arabidopsis. Drdová E., Synek L., Pečenková T., Hála M., Kulich I., Fowler J.E., Murphy A.S., Žárský V. Plant Journal, 73, 709–788, (2013).
  • Visualization of the Exocyst Complex Dynamics at the Plasma Membrane of Arabidopsis thaliana. Fendrych M., Synek L., Pecenkova T., Drdova E., Sekeres J., Rycke R.D., Nowack M.K., Zarsky V. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 24, 510-520, (2013).

Education Profile

  • Master - Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ph.D. - Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

Professional Profile

  • 2002-2007: Ph.D. student, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2008-2014: Post-doc and Researcher, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic