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Ronny Voelz

Post Doctoral Fellow

Advisor Name: Heribert Hirt

Research Interests

Plant-microbe interaction, male-female gametophytic interaction

Selected Publications

  • Völz, R., Heydlauff, J., Ripper, D., von Lyncker, L., Groß-Hardt, R. (2013). Ethylene signaling is required for synergid degeneration and the establishment of a pollen tube block. Developmental Cell 25:310-316.
  • Völz, R., von Lyncker, L., Baumann, N., Dresselhaus, T., Sprunck, S.,Groß-Hardt, R.(2012). LACHESIS-dependent egg-cell signaling regulates the development of female gametophytic cell. Development 139:498-502.
  • Völz, R. and Groß-Hardt, R. (2010). Female gametophytic mutants: Diagnosis and characterization. Plant Developmental Biology. Hennig L and Köhler C (eds). Humana Press Inc. Totowa, USA.

Education Profile

  • 09/2006-11/2011   Doctorate (Dr.rer.nat.), laboratory Prof. Dr. Rita Groß-Hardt at the ZMBP-Developmental Biology Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, PhD thesis: „Cell-cell communication in Arabidopsis at the interface between male and female gametophyte”.
  • 10/2000 -05/2006    Academic study of biology (Diploma Biologist) Martin Luther University Halle (Saale)
    Courses of study, Plant Physiology, Genetic, Phytopathology, Biochemistry
    Laboratory of Dr. Wolfgang Knogge at the Leibnitz-Institute of Plant biochemistry (IPB)
    Diploma thesis: ''Functional analysis of the MAP kinase RsPMK1 of Rhynchosporium secalis“.
  •  08/1992-05/1999    Johann-Mathesius Gymnasium Rochlitz

Professional Profile

  • 04/ 2013-06/2013   Post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Rita Groß-Hardt at the University of Bremen.
  • 12/2011- 03/2013   Post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Dr. Rita Groß-Hardt at the Center for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP). Eberhard Karls University Tübingen. Cell-specification, reproduction and crop formation, in response to abiotic and biotic stress in the reproductive organs of Arabidopsis thaliana.
  • 06/2006-08/2006    Scientific assistant in the laboratory of Dr. Wolfgang Knogge at the Leibnitz-Institute for Plant Biochemistry (IPB) Halle (Saale): Infection strategy of the barley pathogen Rhynchosorium secalis, localisation study of proteins involved in the infection process .