Justine Braguy

PhD Students

PhD Student



Research Interests

Focusing on strigolactone, a plant hormone that is stimulating shoot branching as well as symbiosis interaction with mycorrhiza fungi, Justine Braguy is trying to understand the biology linked to this hormone in rice Nipponbare using CRISPR-mediated gene editing to generate SL-deficient rice mutants. She is also trying to approach SL in a biotechnological point of view, by trying to engineer several tools that will facilitate the study of this hormone for the scientific community. She is using especially Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and rice protoplasts as main chassis. 


  • MSc, Structural Biology, Engineering diploma in Biotechnology, specialized in Synthetic Biology 
  • BSc, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Research Interests Keywords

plant biology strigolactones synthetic biology