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  • Agricultural Specialist

The Center for Desert Agriculture in KAUST is seeking a motivated and articulate researcher to lead the design and establishment of a range of controlled-environment and open-field plant growth facilities for research and teaching in plant science, agriculture and agronomy, in line with the CDA’s Strategic Plan. The agricultural specialist will need to work independently with expert consultants to design and build several facilities, and coordinate their operation with other operations within the University, in particular the KAUST Core Labs.

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  • Research Technician

The Mahfouz Laboratory for Genome Engineering & Synthetic Biology is seeking a research technician in synthetic biology and CRISPR- based diagnostics for the point-of-care applications. The highly interactive research group, with strengths in bioengineering, genetics, molecular biology, and biochemistry, aims to develop innovative technologies for pathogen diagnostics.

The successful candidate will be highly self-motivated and eager to work in cross-disciplinary settings with multiple research groups and talented individuals of different scientific and cultural backgrounds.  

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  • Laboratory Assistant

The laboratory assistant will join a new group in KAUST studying genetic diversity for disease resistance in wild relatives of wheat with the long term aim of engineering this resistance into wheat. Responsibilities include purchasing basic equipment for the new lab, arranging paperwork for the importation of biological material from abroad (e.g. material transfer agreements, import permits, etc), and growing up a population of wild wheat for DNA extraction and seed multiplication.

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