Vijayachandrik Venkataraman

Research Staff

Lab Techinician

Research Interests

I am interested in Biochemistry, Diabetes Research and Plant science Research. I did my research in Diabetes study which involves data from population and clinic. In KAUST I am working in Plant science Research which is really interesting for me to learn and practice new research designs and techniques. I am also responsible to provide regular updates on the inventory that we maintain for our group. 

Selected Publications

1. Sathyapriya, K; Vijayachandrika, V; Parameswari, C.S Antioxidant status in polycystic end-staged renal diseased patients and antihemolytic effect of Boerhaavia diffusa. Indian journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Vol 46, June 2009, pp 269-272. 

2. Mohan V, Vijayachandrika V, Gokulakrishnan K, Anjana RM, Ganesan A, Weber MB, Venkat Narayan KM. HbA1c cut points to define various glucose intolerance groups in Asian Indians. Diabetes Care. USA, 2010; 33:515 - 519. 

3. Venkataraman V, Amutha A, Anbalagan VP, Deepa M, Anjana RM, Unnikrishnan R, Vamsi M, Mohan V. Association of glycated hemoglobin with carotid intimal medial thickness in Asian Indians with normal glucose tolerance. J Diabetes Complications. USA,2012 Nov- Dec;26(6):526-30. 

4. Anbalagan VP, Venkataraman V, Vamsi M, Deepa M, Mohan V. A simple Indian diabetes risk score could help identify nondiabetic individuals at high risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (CURES- 117). J Diabetes Sci Technol. USA, 2012 Nov 1;6(6):1429-35. 

5. Anbalagan VP, Venkataraman V, Pradeepa R, Deepa M, AnjanaM, Mohan V. The prevalence of presarcopenia in Asian Indian individuals with and without type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Technol Ther. USA, 2013 Sep;15(9):768-75. 

6. Unnikrishnan R, Anjana RM, Deepa M, Pradeepa R, Joshi SR, Bhansali A, Dhandania VK, Joshi PP, Madhu SV, Rao PV, Lakshmy R, Jayashri R, Velmurugan K, Nirmal E, Subashini R, Vijayachandrika V, Kaur T, Shukla DK, Das AK, Mohan V. Diabetes Technol Ther. USA, 2014 Sep;16(9):596-603. 

7. Venkataraman V, Anjana RM, Pradeepa R, Deepa M, Jayashri R, Anbalagan VP, Akila B, Madhu SV, Lakshmy R, Mohan V. Stability and reliability of glycated haemoglobin measurements in blood samples stored at -20°C. J Diabetes Complications. USA, 2016.Jan-Feb;30(1):121-5. 


Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Madras, Chennai, India . Year 2017 

Professional Profile

2009-2017 - PhD in Biochemistry

2017 - 2019 - Teaching Assintant in the KAUST School

At present - Working in CDA Lab as a Lab Technician 

KAUST Affiliations

Prof. Simon Krattinger's group

Research Interests Keywords

Biochemistry Diabetes Research Genetics Plant Science