Research Staff

Abrar Deek

Lab Support

Research Interests: Desert agriculture research projects

Aparna Balakrishna

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Carotenoids, Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenase, Apocarotenoids CCD, Gene expression, Enzymatic activity

Bhagya Lakshmi Girjia

Lab Support Technician

Research Interests: Women's health, Cardiovascular & Neuro physiology

Chakravarthy Rajan

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Secondary Metabolites, Cell culture and Tissue culture, Plant transformation studies

Dinara Utarbayeva

Greenhouse Technician

Research Interests: Crossing , grafting tomatoes. Germination and propagating Coarctata rice

Gabriele Fiene

Research Specialist

Research Interests: Salinity tolerance, domestication, Field trails, Crop wild relatives

Hongwei Ren

Greenhouse Technician

Research Interests: Salinity tolerance, Tomato

Kit Xi Liew

Research Specialist

Lamis Berqdar

Research assistant

Research Interests: Plant Science, Molecular biology and data analysis

Lila Aldakheel

Technical Assistant

Lingli Zou

Lab Support

Noha Omar Saber

Lab Technician

Research Interests: Molecular Biology, Salinity tolerance

Norhan Hassan

Research Specialist

Olga Artyukh

Laboratory technician

Safya Zaoui

Lab Technician

Shanshan Song

Research Assistant

Snehal Salmothe

Research Assistant

Trang Dinh

Lab Support

Vijayachandrik Venkataraman

Lab Techinician

Research Interests: Biochemistry, Diabetes Research, Genetics, Plant Science

Yanjun Guo

Technician of greenhouse & field

Research Interests: Phenotyping, Fonio