Research Staff

Rameesha Parambil

Lab Technician

Research Interest: Computational chemistry, Salinity tolerance, Plant stress response

Bhagya Lakshmi Girjia

Lab Support Technician

Research Interest: Women's health, Cardiovascular & Neuro physiology

Yasha Zhang

Research Assistant

Research Interest: Marine ecology, Materials modeling

Noha Omar Saber

Lab Technician

Research Interest: Molecular Biology, Salinity tolerance

Qitong Feng

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Phenomics, LC-MS/MS

Lamis Berqdar

Research assistant

Research Interest: Plant Science, Molecular biology and data analysis

Yanjun Guo

Technician of greenhouse & field

Research Interest: Phenotyping, Fonio

Snehal Salmothe

Research Assistant

Apana Balakrishna

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Carotenoids, Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenase, Apocarotenoids CCD, Gene expression, Enzymatic activity

Olga Artyukh

Laboratory technician

Hongwei Ren

Greenhouse Technician

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, Tomato

Gabriele Fiene

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Salinity tolerance, domestication, Field trails, Crop wild relatives

Chakravarthy Rajan

Research Specialist

Research Interest: Plant Molecular Biology, Plant Secondary Metabolites, Cell culture and Tissue culture, Plant transformation studies

Abrar Deek

Lab Support

Research Interest: Desert agriculture research projects

Vijayachandrik Venkataraman

Lab Techinician

Research Interest: Biochemistry, Diabetes Research, Genetics, Plant Science

Dinara Utarbayeva

Greenhouse Technician

Research Interest: Crossing , grafting tomatoes. Germination and propagating Coarctata rice