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Research Interests

My interest is focused on the chemistry, biochemistry, and medicinal applications of plant secondary metabolites like phenolic compounds, carotenoids, lipids, and antioxidants. Plant secondary metabolites are of significant biological and medical importance. My focus at KAUST ranges from analytical biochemistry and structural chemistry to biomedicine applications of secondary metabolites of plants of Saudi Arabian origin.

Selected Publications

• Phenolic Antioxidants in Foods: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Analysis, A. Zeb, 2021, Springer Nature Switzerland AG, ISBN: 978-3-030-74767-1.
• Food Frying: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Safety, A. Zeb, 2019, John Wiley & Sons, UK, ISBN: 978-1-119-46839-4.
• Chemical characterization and ameliorating effects of Centratherum anthelminticum extract against polycystic ovary syndrome in Wistar rats, M. Shoaib, A. Saleem, A. Zeb, M.I. Khan, M. F. Akhtar, International Journal of Endocrinology, 2023, 2023, 4978562.
• Polyphenol-enriched Desmodium elegans DC. ameliorate scopolamine-induced amnesia in animal model of Alzheimer’s disease: in vitro, in vivo and in silico approaches, M.H. Mahnashi, M. Ashraf, A.H. Alhasaniah, H. Ullah, A. Zeb, M. Ghufran, S. Fahad, M. Ayaz, M. Daglia, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2023, 165, 115144.
• Quantitative-HPLC-DAD polyphenols analysis, anxiolytic and cognition enhancing potentials of Sorbaria tomentosa Lindl. Rehder, M.H. Mahnashi, M. Ayaz, Y.S. Alqahtani, B.A. Alyami, M. Shahid, O. Alqahtani, S.M. Kabrah, A. Zeb, F. Ullah, A. Sadiq, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2023, 317, 116786.
• In vivo antidiabetic effects of phenolic compounds of spinach, mustard, and cabbage leaves in mice, A. Mehmood, A. Zeb, Heliyon, 2023, 9, e16616.
• HPLC-DAD analysis of Quercus leucotrichophora extract and appraisal of its antiasthmatic potential via modulation of aquaporins, inflammatory, and oxidative stress biomarkers in Albino mice, A. Saleem, A. Najda, A. Mubeen, M.F. Akhtar, S.A. Bukhari, A. Zeb, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 2022, 155, 113702.
• HPLC-DAD analysis, anti-Inflammatory and anti-arthritic potential of Coronopus didymus (L.) Sm. extracts: Effects on pro-and anti-inflammatory cytokines, COX-2, I-κβ, NF-κβ and oxidative stress biomarkers, A. Saleem, H. Khalid, M.F. Akhtar, A. Zeb, Food & Function, 2022, 13, 6244-6258.
• Polystichum braunii ameliorates airway inflammation by attenuation of inflammatory and oxidative stress biomarkers, and pulmonary edema by elevation of aquaporins in ovalbumin-induced allergic asthmatic mice, A. Saleem, A. Mubeen, M.F. Akhtar, A. Zeb, Inflammopharmacology, 2022, 30, 639-653.
• HPLC-DAD phenolics analysis, α-glucosidase, α-amylase inhibitory, molecular docking and nutritional profiles of Persicaria hydropiper L, M.H. Mahnashi, Y.S. Alqahtani, B.A. Alyami, A.O. Alqarni, S.A, Alqahal, F. Ullah, A. Sadiq, A. Zeb, M. Gufran, A. Kuraev, A. Nawaz, M. Ayaz, BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, 2022, 22, 26.
• A comprehensive review on different classes of polyphenolic compounds present in edible oils, A. Zeb, Food Research International, 2021, 143, 110312.
• Concept, mechanism and applications of phenolic antioxidants in foods, A. Zeb, Journal of Food Biochemistry, 2020, 44, e13394.
• Phytochemical analysis and wound healing studies on ethnomedicinally important plant Malva neglecta Wallr, U. Saleem, S. Khalid, S. Zaib, F. Anwar, B. Ahmad, I. Ullah, A. Zeb, M. Ayaz, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 2020, 249, 112401.


• PhD Biochemistry (With Distinction), Institute of Biochemistry, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria, 2010
• MPhil (Biochemistry), Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Peshawar, Pakistan, 2007.
• MSc (Biochemistry), Department of Chemistry, University of Peshawar, Pakistan, 2002.

Professional Profile

• 2023-present, Research Scientist, Centre for Desert Agriculture, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.
• 2020-present, Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry, University of Malakand, Pakistan
• 2016-2020, Associate Professor, Departments of Biotechnology, University of Malakand, Pakistan
• 2011-2016, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, University of Malakand, Pakistan
• 2003-2011, Lecturer, Department of Biotechnology, University of Malakand, Pakistan.
• 2009-2010, Teaching Assistant, Institute of Biochemistry, Graz University of Technology, Austria.

Scientific and Professional Membership

• International Natural Product Sciences Taskforce (since 2019)
• Authors Licensing and Collecting Society, UK (since 2019)
• Korean Society for Food Science & Technology (since 2008)
• Society for Free Radical Research International (since 2008)
• International Carotenoids Society (since 2005)
• South African Association of Mass Spectrometry (since 2011)
• Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention (since 2006)
• Chemical Society of Pakistan (Life Member, since 2015)
• Pakistan Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Life Member, since 2016)


• 2018, Ernst Mach-Nachbetreuungsstipendium (EZA) Postdoctoral Fellowship, OeAD Austria.
• 2009-Present, Productive Scientist of Pakistan (2009-)
• 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, Research Productivity Awards
• 2008-2010, PhD Scholarship, Higher Education Commission, Government of Pakistan (Technical University of Graz, Graz, Austria).
• 2011-2013, 2018-2021, 2021-23, HEC Approved PhD Supervisor
• 2015, Best Research Award, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Malakand

Research Interests Keywords

carotenoids analytical chemistry biochemistry plant secondary metabolites