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Quantstudio 6

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Maxwell RSC systemMake: Promega

Model: AS8500

The Maxwell RSC system is an automated nucleic acid purification system for 1-48 samples and with markedly reduced hands-on time and steps as compared to conventional purification methods.


Microplate Luminometer

Make: Promega

Model: Glomax Navigator

Used for convenient detection of bioluminescence, developed and optimized with Promega cell and gene reporter assays and with Over 40 preloaded assay protocols.


Quantstudio 6

Make: Applied Biosystems

Model: Quantstudio 6 Flex

The Quantstudio 6 is a state-of-the-art modern real-time PCR device for DNA quantification and qualification.

Thermal cyclersMake: Biorad

Model: C1000

TS- Varioskan microplate readerMake: Thermoscientific

Model: 3001

The Thermo Scientificâ„¢ Varioskan multimode microplate reader comes equipped with a flexible range of measurement technologies including Absorbance, Fluorescence Intensity, Luminescence, AlphaScreen, and Time-Resolved Fluorescence.