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18 September, 2023

Plant Science Family Night

The Plant Science Family Night stands as one of the key initiatives jointly organized by the CDA and TKS. The primary aim is to promote a sustainable future by actively involving young individuals in meaningful ways and empowering them to take action.

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10 September, 2023

Fungal enzymes may enhance provitamin A content and stability in crop plants

The BioActives Lab has pioneered an innovative biofortification technique designed to boost the production and storage of provitamin A in crop plants. This groundbreaking technology holds the potential to combat vitamin deficiencies prevalent in malnourished populations.

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29 August, 2023

Sourcing a sustainable new vegetable oil

A long-term breeding initiative is underway to cultivate superior strains of Salicornia with the goal of producing a sustainable and nutritionally valuable source of seed oil.

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28 August, 2023

New gene-editing technique offers path to precision therapies

Researchers from Magdy Mahfouz's Laboratory for Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology have developed a gene-editing technique that provides a flexible and programmable platform for site-specific gene manipulations across all forms of DNA material

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03 August, 2023

An ancient grain unlocks genetic secrets for making bread wheat more resilient

A first complete genome map of einkorn reveals evolutionary origins and potential for enhanced wheat breeding.

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31 July, 2023

FFAR grant received: Domesticating Saltwater Crops for Future Food Needs

Prof. Jesse Poland with his team of colleagues & collaborators secured the FFAR Seeding Solutions grant. This grant, along with the matching funds provided by KAUST, will invest nearly $2M into a project that aims to assess the domestication potential of Distichlis palmeri.

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30 July, 2023

Helping agriculture be smart and precise

Using nanotechnology for controlled delivery of biostimulants and micronutrients to crops could improve performance and nutritional value.

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20 July, 2023

Desert microbes turn on drought tolerance when needed

Priming crop plants with a microbe sourced from the roots of desert plants could be a powerful tool to boost crop plant's resilience to drought.

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21 June, 2023

Following stress could help plants in drought

Pioneering research to explain plants’ response to abiotic stress has important potential for improving future plant performance

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13 June, 2023

Casting a wide net to see the real cost of water

Yoshihide Wada uses a systems approach to address global problems and contribute to national climate adaptation plans.

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