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24 May, 2023

Uncovering new mechanisms for wheat rust resistance

The latest research from Brande Wulff's and Simon Krattinger's groups highlights the emerging role of unusual kinase fusion proteins in wheat disease resistance.

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22 May, 2023

Now is the time to deliver on salt-tolerant crops

KAUST researchers Vanessa Melino and Mark Tester believe that more effort is needed to bring salt-tolerant crops to the farmers who need them.

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11 May, 2023

Using plants as factories for green drug production

Biopharming technique yields cost-effective and environmentally friendly antimicrobial peptides.

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04 May, 2023

From the seeds of discovery to improved crops

Addressing global challenges of food security and malnutrition is a key motivation for KAUST research leader Salim Al-Babili.

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26 March, 2023

Linker histone bridges gaps in plant immunity knowledge

Understanding the role of a key protein in plant immunity could inform the development of crops that are resistant to multiple pathogens.

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16 February, 2023

Pioneering Plant Projects Promise Regeneration

Research to underpin key government strategies for greening the desert, regenerating mangroves and meeting Saudi Arabia’s net zero targets by 2060.

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09 February, 2023

Playing the right cards to answer questions on a hardy old grain

The drive to research tangible solutions to address climate change meant a leap from marine science to terrestrial agriculture for graduate student Clara Stanschewski, now studying quinoa.

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20 December, 2022

Streamlining AI to Enable DIY Models

Using artificial intelligence for scientific research across a number of disciplines has led to a new startup based on a powerful online tool, where users automatically generate their own machine-learning models.

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04 December, 2022

A master regulator of plant immunity

Stress-response protein promotes the accumulation of metabolites that help anti-pathogen defenses.

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02 November, 2022

Plant hormones to help prevent Striga invasion

Crop resistance to a significant parasitic plant could be increased through gene editing or chemical treatment.

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