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25 May, 2022

Faculty in Focus: Prof. Monika Chodasiewicz

Interview with CDA faculty member, Professor Monika Chodasiewicz: "We need more food, but we also need more reasonable ways to produce food."

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09 May, 2022

Genetic options ensure rust resistance is toast

Researchers have identified stem rust resistance in the wild cereal plant Aegilops sharonensis and successfully transferred the resistance gene into bread wheat.

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13 April, 2022

Out of the lab: Red Sea Farms combats climate change in Saudi Arabia

Red Sea Farms is breaking the food-water-energy nexus to create an AgTech solution to climate change and resource scarcity with the help of KAUST.

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27 March, 2022

Saudi Arabia’s deep tech challenge: The industries that will change the Middle East

New deep tech startups are creating sustainable solutions to Saudi Arabia's extremes, through years of research and support from KAUST’s venture capital arm.

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28 March, 2022

Meet Striga Solutions

Protecting the food security and livelihoods of millions by combating the spread of Striga.

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21 March, 2022

Greening KSA project gains expert backing

KAUST signed an agreement to support the Greening KSA project. The CDA is providing the scientific and technological foundation for a sustainable increase in the vegetative footprint of the Kingdom.

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17 March, 2022

Sustainable food security for the Kingdom and the world

Local, regional, and global food system experts gather to achieve sustainable food security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world at the KAUST Workshop for Sustainable Food Security.

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14 March, 2022

Understanding rust resistance in bread wheat

Sequencing a high-quality bread wheat genome facilitates the identification of a gene that confers stripe rust resistance and may lead to improved crop resilience.

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07 March, 2022

Tweaking carotenoids proves fruitful

A novel plant-breeding strategy is targeting crop yield, nutritional value and stress tolerance, all through the expression of one gene.

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20 January, 2022

Desert plants hold the key to crop survival

A fascination with desert plants and their survival mechanisms has led to a game-changing discovery for improving crop productivity under stress conditions.

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