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22 September, 2022

Where I Work: Dr. Vanessa Melino

Interview with CDA Research Scientist, Dr. Vanessa Melino: “Salicornia is so salt tolerant that it can grow in full seawater.”

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05 September, 2022

Red Sea Farms and SAUDIA sign MoU to bring healthy, locally-sourced meals to passengers

CDA spinoff company Red Sea Farms partners with Saudi Airlines and takes another step toward feeding the Kingdom sustainably.

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31 August, 2022

Dozens of local and international experts take part in Saudi Green Initiative workshop

Participants discussed the challenges of planting 10 billion trees and how to overcome those challenges sustainably.

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31 August, 2022

Harnessing the power of saffron color for food and future therapeutics

A highly efficient enzyme combined with a multigene engineering approach offers potential for sustainable production of water-soluble pigments in plant tissues.

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06 July, 2022

Meet the Postdocs: Dr. Elodie Rey

Interview with CDA Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Elodie Rey: "We want agriculture to have a lesser impact on the environment, but at the same time, we want to produce enough good quality food."

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25 July, 2022

CDA spinoff Edama opens first-of-its-kind waste recycling facility in Saudi Arabia

KAUST has announced that Edama Organic Solutions, an organic waste recycling KAUST startup addressing waste processing and desert agriculture needs, officially opened its new recycling facility.

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21 July, 2022

Deep tech innovation is the answer to climate change

Deep tech research promotes innovation focused on reversing climate change.

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29 June, 2022

Turning up the heat to unlock Cas13's potential

A newly identified heat-stable Cas13 enzyme could lead to improved diagnostics and new biotechnological applications.

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21 June, 2022

The long and the short of plant breeding

Long generation times of crop plants means improvement is often slow, but recent advances are helping researchers reduce the time needed to introduce improved traits.

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20 June, 2022

Top agtech companies solving food security challenges in the MENA region

Top agtech companies are using cutting-edge solutions, such as drones, the Internet of Things (IoT), and nanotechnology, to address long-standing issues in the MENA region.

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