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03 November, 2020

For quick COVID-19 testing, iSCAN can

A new test kit could enable quick and effective COVID-19 tests for people arriving at airports.

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15 October, 2020

KAUST Startups Set to Take World Stage at EWC Finals

For the second year in a row, KAUST has partnered with Misk Foundation to present the 2020 Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC).

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29 September, 2020

Genetic gains for better grains

A nutritious millet crop grown mainly in West Africa could be genetically improved for large-scale agriculture in Saudi Arabia.

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28 September, 2020

Copycat plant booster improves on nature

A molecular mimic designed to promote plant growth and limit witchweed infestation shows promise in initial trials.

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17 August, 2020

Reducing Waste and Improving Soil

Following the success of their composting pilot facility, Edama has received seed investment of $780,000 USD from the KAUST Innovation Fund.

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16 August, 2020

Desert greenhouses offer growth opportunities

Efficient greenhouse complexes that will grow crops using the resources available on desert coasts could improve food security for millions.

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10 August, 2020

Startup Story: Edama Organic Solutions

As Saudi Arabia’s leading research university, KAUST is a place where big ideas are given the room to grow.

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21 June, 2020

The test we need

Researchers at KAUST are developing a test that is rapid, accurate and easy to use in the field—can it help flatten future curves?

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01 June, 2020

Regulator of plant immunity tagged

Discovery of signaling intermediary could lead to more pest-resistant crops.

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