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20 February, 2020

Food for the future

KAUST Discovery - Issue 9

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05 December, 2019

Conferring leaf rust resistance in cereal crops

Identifying genes that confer resistance to leaf rust infections could help generate durably resistant cereal crops.

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17 November, 2019

Red Sea Farms Places Third at Entrepreneurship World Cup

Red Sea Farms startup wins $150,000 at Misk’s Entrepreneurship World Cup finals.

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16 October, 2019

KAUST research to boost global date fruit production

Dr. Ikram Blilou, professor of plant science at KAUST, and her research team in Saudi Arabia collected samples from ancient date palms in the historical farm of Al-Dabeta, by the Quba mosque in Madinah.

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06 October, 2019

A symbiotic boost for greenhouse tomato plants

The colonization of tomato plants with a beneficial desert root fungus protects against effects of salt stress.

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22 August, 2019

Finding ways to feed the world

Genome editing techniques have the power to transform crop yields and plant resilience to feed the growing global population.

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07 July, 2019

Using an embryonic pause to save the date

A date palm seedling can pause its development to boost its resilience before emerging into the harsh desert environment.

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05 May, 2019

Stressing the genetics in salt-tolerant crops

Unravelling the genes behind salt tolerance in crop plants is made easier using the latest sequencing and phenotyping technologies.

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25 February, 2019

Metabolite stimulates a crop while suppressing a weed

A metabolic compound that regulates growth of rice plants and limits witchweed infestation could boost crop yields.

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