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21 March, 2021

Beneficial bacteria help wheat stand the heat

Coating crop seeds with bacteria found on a desert shrub boosts yields in hot fields.

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21 May, 2020

A combat strategy for purple witchweed

Plant scientist Salim Al-Babili and his team are working across many fronts to save sub-Saharan African cereal crops from a menacing weed.

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18 October, 2021

People of KAUST: Fatema Alquraish

Fatema Alquraish is a student in the Stress Granule Lab of the Center for Desert Agriculture at KAUST. She is also an engaged community member and the first Saudi national to earn a leadership role in the KAUST Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD).

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24 October, 2023

A handful of seeds starts fruitful collaboration

A close research partnership between two CDA research leaders, Prof. Brande Wulff and Prof. Simon Krattinger, has fostered exciting work resulting in a breakthrough in understanding the mechanism of cereal disease resistance.

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04 May, 2023

From the seeds of discovery to improved crops

Addressing global challenges of food security and malnutrition is a key motivation for KAUST research leader Salim Al-Babili.

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29 October, 2023

KAUST Center for Desert Agriculture and MEWA host Workshop for Saudi Food Futures

The workshop, a result of the fruitful collaboration between CDA and MEWA, brought together key stakeholders who shared insightful perspectives and discussed strategic priorities, policy options, and innovative solutions for a systemic and sustainable agri-food transformation in the Kingdom and beyond.

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21 May, 2020

Cleaving through the heart of viral infections

A Cas protein that cleaves viral RNA has been harnessed in a CRISPR/Cas system to destroy prolific viral infections in crop plants.

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11 May, 2023

Using plants as factories for green drug production

Biopharming technique yields cost-effective and environmentally friendly antimicrobial peptides.

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09 January, 2024

From roots to shoots: decoding strigolactones in plant architecture and symbiosis

The recent study from the BioActives Lab on the role of plant hormones, known as strigolactones, on plant development and interactions, holds potential for the engineering of beneficial traits into rice and other crops.

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