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19 March, 2024

Analytic tool reveals more cream of the crops

CDA researchers have developed a new computational tool designed to swiftly and efficiently expose genetic diversity within DNA databases of various plant species.

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14 March, 2024

Unveiling new insights through ancient DNA

Hanin Ahmed, a KAUST and CDA Ph.D. alumna, is one of the winners of the prestigious Ibn Rushd 2023 fellowship. Her enthusiasm and passion for science have led her to Toulouse, France, where she recently joined a world-renown lab to specialize in ancient DNA research and evolutionary genomics.

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10 March, 2024

Cultivating Curiosity: Plant Science Family Night 2024

Hosted by the Center for Desert Agriculture and The KAUST School, the second edition of the Plant Science Family Night united families from across the KAUST community. This evening of discoveries showcased the power of hands-on learning, fostering connections, and inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders.

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01 March, 2024

Targeting seed microbes to improve seed resilience

Analysis of seed endophytes in the wild crop fonio reveals the seed microbiome as a potential target for sustainably enhancing crop resilience to climate stress.

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11 February, 2024

Empowering Women in Science: Breaking Barriers, Creating Opportunities

At CDA, we value the vital role of women and girls in shaping the future of science and innovation. We're dedicated to promoting gender equality, diversity, and inclusion to ensure equal opportunities for all in science and innovation.

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08 January, 2024

From roots to shoots: decoding strigolactones in plant architecture and symbiosis

New insights into the activity of two members of a category of plant hormones called strigolactones have enhanced the fundamental understanding of the role of strigolactones and could also support making crop plants more resistant to parasitic plants.

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01 November, 2023

One Planet One Health

Climate change affects every individual and every aspect of life, making urgent collaboration essential for a sustainable future. The One Planet One Health conference brings together experts in marine, soil, plant, and human fields to explore diverse approaches to climate change solutions within their respective domains.

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22 October, 2023

KAUST Workshop for Saudi Food Futures

Integrating knowledge, data and innovation to accelerate the sustainable transformation of the food system in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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10 September, 2023

Fungal enzymes may enhance provitamin A content and stability in crop plants

The BioActives Lab has pioneered an innovative biofortification technique designed to boost the production and storage of provitamin A in crop plants. This groundbreaking technology holds the potential to combat vitamin deficiencies prevalent in malnourished populations.

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29 August, 2023

Sourcing a sustainable new vegetable oil

A long-term breeding initiative is underway to cultivate superior strains of Salicornia with the goal of producing a sustainable and nutritionally valuable source of seed oil.

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