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31 July, 2023

FFAR grant received: Domesticating Saltwater Crops for Future Food Needs

Prof. Jesse Poland with his team of colleagues & collaborators secured the FFAR Seeding Solutions grant. This grant, along with the matching funds provided by KAUST, will invest nearly $2M into a project that aims to assess the domestication potential of Distichlis palmeri.

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30 July, 2023

Helping agriculture be smart and precise

Using nanotechnology for controlled delivery of biostimulants and micronutrients to crops could improve performance and nutritional value.

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20 July, 2023

Desert microbes turn on drought tolerance when needed

Priming crop plants with a microbe sourced from the roots of desert plants could be a powerful tool to boost crop plant's resilience to drought.

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21 June, 2023

Following stress could help plants in drought

Pioneering research to explain plants’ response to abiotic stress has important potential for improving future plant performance

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13 June, 2023

Casting a wide net to see the real cost of water

Yoshihide Wada uses a systems approach to address global problems and contribute to national climate adaptation plans.

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11 June, 2023

Striking gold with black, brown and red rice

Fundamental research offers opportunities for new varieties of pigmented rice and a resource to address malnutrition.

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24 May, 2023

Uncovering new mechanisms for wheat rust resistance

The latest research from Brande Wulff's and Simon Krattinger's groups highlights the emerging role of unusual kinase fusion proteins in wheat disease resistance.

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22 May, 2023

Now is the time to deliver on salt-tolerant crops

KAUST researchers Vanessa Melino and Mark Tester believe that more effort is needed to bring salt-tolerant crops to the farmers who need them.

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11 May, 2023

Using plants as factories for green drug production

Biopharming technique yields cost-effective and environmentally friendly antimicrobial peptides.

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04 May, 2023

From the seeds of discovery to improved crops

Addressing global challenges of food security and malnutrition is a key motivation for KAUST research leader Salim Al-Babili.

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