CDA stars in National Geographic documentary

01 June, 2022

National Geographic launches Chasing Answers, a four-part series that explores the emergence of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as a global hub for groundbreaking scientific research and development. The documentary highlights KAUST as home to distinguished scientists from all over the world, focusing on research that applies science and technology to areas of universal concern.

Episode 3 stars the Center for Desert Agriculture (CDA) when addressing the 10 billion people challenge; how can we sustainably grow enough nutritious food to feed the world by 2050, without destroying our planet? CDA Director Rod Wing, Associate Director Mark Tester, and other faculty members explain how the center contributes to tackling this crucial challenge.

Watch it below or here and marvel at the compelling stories of KAUST and how the CDA significantly impacts both nature and humankind.



For more information, visit NatGeoTV.


- by Andrea B. M. Hulsbosch