Simon G. Krattinger


Assistant Professor of Plant Science | Principal Investigator of the Cereal Genetics and Genomics Lab




Simon Krattinger obtained his PhD in 2009 from the University of Zurich (Switzerland). After spending three years as a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at CSIRO Plant Industries in Canberra (Australia), he became an independent group leader at the University of Zurich supported by an Ambizione early career grant of the Swiss National Science Foundation. In 2017, Krattinger joined the Center for Desert Agriculture at KAUST as Assistant Professor.

Research Interests

Krattinger's research focuses on cereal genomics and plant-pathogen interactions. His group develops genomic approaches to unravel the genetic and molecular basis of stress adaptation in cereals, with a particular interest in the perception, signaling and response to fungal pathogens in wheat. Cereal crop plants are of paramount importance to ensure global food security. Disturbances caused by pathogens, pests, and adverse climatic conditions pose a constant threat to cereal production. Research on the fundamental molecular processes that make certain cereal plants resilient to these stresses (including the genetic and molecular basis of stress perception, signaling, and adaptation) is therefore of uttermost relevance.

Selected Publications

  • Rapid cloning of genes in hexaploid wheat using cultivar-specific long-range chromosome assembly, hind AK, Wicker T, Simkova H, Fossati D, Moullet O, Brabant C, Vrana J, Dolezel J and Krattinger SG, Nature Biotechnology, 2017.
  • Genomic compartments in barley, Keller B and Krattinger SG, Nature, 2017, 544: 424-425 (News & Views article).
  • The wheat durable, multi-pathogen resistance gene Lr34 confers partial blast resistance in rice, Krattinger SG, Sucher J, Selter LL, Chauhan H, Zhou B, Tang, M, Upadhyaya NM, Mieulet D, Guiderdoni E, Weidenbach D, Schaffrath U, Lagudah ES and Keller B, Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2016, 14: 1261-1268.
  • The maize disease resistance gene Htn1 against northern corn leaf blight encodes a wall-associated receptor-like kinase, Hurni S, Scheuermann D, Krattinger SG, Kessel B, Wicker T, Herren G, Fitze MN, Breen J, Presterl T, Ouzunova M and Keller B, PNAS, 2015, 112: 8780-8785.
  • A putative ABC transporter confers durable resistance to multiple fungal pathogens in wheat, Krattinger SG, Lagudah ES, Spielmeyer W, Sing RP, Huerta-Espino J, McFadden H, Bossolini E, Selter LL and Keller B, Science, 2009, 323: 1360-1363.


  • Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Zurich, Switzerland, 2013
  • Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, CSIRO, Canberra, Australia, 2010-2012
  • PhD, University of Zurich, Switzerland, 2009
  • MSc, University of Zurich, Switzerland, 2005 

Research Interests Keywords

cereal crops genomics plant-pathogen interactions quantitative genetics