AI powered technology platform for in vitro cell studies – applications in research and industry

Speaker: Prof. Klaus Josef Palme

University of Freiburg, Institute of Biology II, BIOSS Centre for Biological Signalling Studies;

ScreenSYS GmbH, Freiburg, Germany 

-Hosted by Prof. Ikram Blilou and Prof. Salim Al-Babili

Join us in Building 2, Level 5, Room 5220.


Novel robust technologies are needed for exploitation of phenotypic heterogeneity of cells, monitoring spatio-temporal dynamics of critical signalling molecules and morphometric features. I will present an AI-driven live cell imaging platform for quantitative phenotyping and perturbation studies in single cells which overcomes bottlenecks in imaging and image processing. Superior performance of our technology platform was first demonstrated exploring cellular auxin action in protoplasts and reprogramming of haploid pluripotent stem cells into embryos. The switch from pollen development towards embryo formation provides exceptional opportunities for "green" biotechnology and plant breeding.

About the speaker

Klaus Palme isolated and characterized the first plant hormone receptor and auxin transporter genes, thereby making a globally acknowledged breakthrough, which fuelled the analysis of these important plant processes by numerous followers around the world. His work is acknowledged by several prizes, documented by his election into several international scientific organizations like EMBO or Academia Europaea. Besides important contributions in understanding of biological signaling, breeding and systems biology, he is cofounder of a green biotech company active in developing next generation techniques for plant breeding.

Event Quick Information

01 Jun, 2023
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Building 2, Level 5, Room 5220