KAUST workshop for Saudi Food Futures

The KAUST Workshop for Saudi Food Futures seeks to foster collaboration and facilitate discussions on strategic priorities, policy options, and innovative solutions for systemic transformation in the agri-food system.

Organized by The Center for Desert Agriculture of King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST) in partnership with KAUST Research Funding and Services and Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA), the workshop convenes key stakeholders from the national and regional food system to brainstorm on responsible and innovative solutions in the face of evolving global food challenges.

The Saudi Food Futures Initiative, to be launched at the workshop, is aligned with Vision 2030, national research priorities, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It aims to integrate knowledge, data, and innovation to transform the Saudi food system sustainably. Bringing together academia, government, international organizations, civil society, and industry, it seeks to develop forward-looking policies, exchange best practices, and drive change not only in Saudi Arabia but also in hot-climate regions globally, positioning the nation as a global hub for agricultural and food tech innovation.

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Event Quick Information

22 Oct, 2023
All day
MEWA Headquaters Riyadh