CDA professors among 2023's most influential researchers

21 November, 2023

CDA professors Salim Al-Babili and Yoshihide Wada, along with 16 other researchers from KAUST, have earned recognition among the world's most influential researchers in 2023, as announced by the Clarivate Institute for Scientific Information.

The Highly Cited Researchers list, published annually by Clarivate, highlights scholars whose work has garnered the highest citation rates in papers published by peers over the past decade. Those selected for the 2023 list have contributed to studies ranking in the top 1% of scholarly citations worldwide.

Professor Salim Al-Babili, acknowledged among highly cited scientists in Plant and Animal Science, boasts extensive expertise in genetic engineering for biofortified crops and unraveling metabolic pathways. His BioActives Lab is presently engaged in fundamental and translational research on plant metabolism and hormone studies, particularly on strigolactones. The lab also focuses on identifying novel small molecules regulating crop resilience and performance. Additionally, Professor Al-Babili is working on hormone-based chemistries to combat the root parasitic plant Striga while establishing a molecular toolkit to enhance the resistance and performance of pearl millet - a vital cereal for arid and hot climates.

Professor Yoshihide Wada's research has garnered high citations in the fields of Geosciences, and Environment and Ecology. His work revolves around integrated assessments of the biosphere, encompassing hydrology, climate, ecosystems, and natural resources, as well as social and economic aspects. Professor Wada, heading the System Science Lab, employs a systems science approach to address cross-cutting issues requiring multidisciplinary solutions, evaluating water, food, energy, and ecosystem security under various climate, social, and economic conditions.